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As part of our school strategic plan to continuously enhance our student's bilingual learning experience, and to expand our horizons across the ocean, a project emerged in 2019 to create a partnership with sister French-English bilingual schools in New Caledonia.  At the itme, we were unknowingly about to navigate an unprecendented era that would play havoc with our travelling plans, to set up a students and teachers exchange project.  Thankfully, with patience and perseverance, we are now proud of this young, but  successfull endeavour.

Sister school project’s Impact and outcomes for students/community/staff

Effective sister school partnerships can have profound and positive impact on a range of areas of school education, including:


• Student learning

• Teacher capability

• Curriculum, including language learning and intercultural understanding

• Whole school improvement

• Community engagement

The most commonly reported benefit of sister school partnerships from principals and teachers surveyed in the Department’s sister school research was the contributions made to intercultural understanding within the school community, followed by an increased understanding of one’s own culture and country.

How does the project help the students?

  • Development of intercultural understanding and sensitivity, and an appreciation of different points of view;

  • Development of 21st century skills to enable critical thinking, cross-cultural collaboration and a positive attitude to diversity;

  • Greater competency and confidence in language learning and communication skills and renewed enthusiasm for language learning;

  • Enhanced information communication and technology skills as students interact through wikis, blogs and Skype;

  • Tangible illustration of the concept of global interconnectedness incorporating authentic collaborative learning activities;

  • Opportunities for students to locate and explore common ground, bringing a unique intercultural element to collaborative learning;

  • Development of cross-cultural communication and diplomacy skills and a deeper understanding of international issues;

  • Development of international friendships and networks;

  •  Increasing awareness of and comfort level with different styles of teaching.

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