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What is the French Enrichment program at CJC?

This program is open to all families in our community who wish to offer their child(ren) the opportunity to learn French as a second language within the framework of the Victorian Curriculum.  The program was introduced at CJC in 2021.


  • It is fully compliant with the Victorian Curriculum, as well as drawing elements and resources from the French Curriculum.  A minimum of 1 lesson per day (45 min) is delivered in French as the language of instruction.

  • Within the program, the subjects delivered in the French language are French Language and Literature, and Numeracy.

  • Develop student’s ability to express themselves about their familiar environment. The sessions have a strong focus on play, are interactive and mostly focus on oral language.

  • Students will be assessed against the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages and will prepare the DELF Prim at the end of Year 2 (French language studies diploma).


Who is this program for?


  • The French Enrichment Program is open to all students within our school zone, and out of zone students, at CJC’s principal’s discretion.  

  • The program will cater for students of all levels of French, from beginner to advanced.  Whether you have a French language background or have an interest in multicultural education, this program is suitable for you.

Current language teaching in Prep Classes 

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How do students learn?

We follow the Victorian Curriculum with as much French as possible with a great emphasis on differentiation when it comes to language so everyone benefits.

The French enrichment program is developed and put in practice following advice from linguistics and development experts - Professor John Hajke from University of Melbourne specialises in raising multilingual children. Our staff stay up to date with research.

This program is supported by:

  • The French Inspector and his team

  • An existing knowledge of the French binational and LOTE programs

  • a team of bilingual educators

  • experienced teachers and committed leadership team.

What is the fee to enrol my child?

Fee structure French Enrichment.png

What if I am out of the school zone?

Apply for a Victorian Curriculum out of zone enrolment at CJC:

  1. Write a cover letter addressed to the principal indicating that you wish to apply for an out of school zone enrolment to access the French Enrichment Program.

  2. Complete the CJC enrolment form and provide the documents required by DET.

Acceptance is depending on the school capacity and the demands.

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