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1. Daily learning schedule posted for parents

The day prior to learning, the learning schedule will be posted on Class Dojo

by the classroom teacher to parents and students.  This provides parents with an overview of the learning expectations for the day. More detailed task instructions will be posted on Class Dojo on the day of learning.  Weekly overviews of the upcoming week will be posted on Fridays.


2. Morning “check-in and learning tasks posted for students

At 9am each morning, teachers will post a morning “check-in for students to engage with. They will also post learning tasks to Class Dojo for students to complete throughout the day. Each task will include the focus of the activity.  These tasks will be posted as “Activities” on Class Dojo and will include clear instructions and any additional resources or scaffolds to assist students to complete the task.


3. Students complete set tasks

Students should aim to complete these tasks set out in the recommended daily learning schedule. Whilst the learning tasks will need to be accessed digitally, many of the tasks will allow students to work “offline” to complete them.


4. Students upload to Class Dojo

Once the task has been completed, students will upload their work to Class Dojo if required. To do this, students will click “Add a Response” to the activity. This may require students to upload a photo, a video or attach a digital file. Teachers will provide students with clear instructions on what they should upload in response to the activity.


Prep - Year 2 Support

Throughout the day, teachers will be available to support students between 9 and 3.30pm via class Dojo. This is the place for students and families to ask specific questions about the learning tasks and request further explanation or assistance. Teachers will also schedule live video calls with their students.

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