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At CJC, we deliver an outstanding primary education through three different programs.

  • The Victorian curriculum: Our school caters for our local community through the delivery of the Victorian Curriculum.

  • The French binational program: Our school is accredited by the AEFE to tach the French Curriculum alongside the Victorian Curriculum.  Students enrolled in the French Binational Program receive instruction from the two curricula on alternate days.

  • The French enrichment program: Above the delivery of the Victorian Curriculum, the students enrolled in this program receive one lesson in French every day, as well as their weekly LOTE lesson in French.

Whole school curriculum 2023 - Click on images for details

curriculum 2023 1.JPG

Whole School Curriculum 2023

Term 1

Specialists 2023 1.JPG

Whole School Curriculum 2023

Specialist Lessons Term 1

Curriculum 2023 2.JPG

Whole School Curriculum 2023

Term 2

Specialist 2.JPG

Whole School Curriculum 2023

Specialist Lessons Term 2

Curriculum 2023 4.JPG

Whole School Curriculum 2023

Term 3

Specialist 2023 3.JPG

Whole School Curriculum 2023

Specialist Lessons Term 3

Curriculum 2022 Term 4 image.JPG

Whole School Curriculum 2023

Term 4

Specialist 2023 4.JPG

Whole School Curriculum 2023

Specialist Lessons Term 4

Victorian curriculum

In 2023 we introduced 2 new specialised areas:

  • New Digital Technologies and STEM 

Ms Spencer delivers a specialised Digital Technologies while Mr Lewis facilitates the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) discovery sessions. Both lessons are delivered weekly in each classroom, across all year levels. They have planned a range of exciting, innovative and engaging lessons for our students. We also invested in 3D printers, coding devices and a range of other resources, including our in-house Digitech consultant, Mr Coby.

  • Wellbeing - School Wide Positive Behaviour (SWPBS)

Ms Sanderson, our wellbeing coordinator has implemented a school-wide positive behaviour support, an evidence-based framework for Victorian government schools for preventing and responding to student behaviour. It aims to create a positive school climate, a culture of student competence and an open, responsive management system for all school community members.

Performing Arts - Music in Schools

Our school was also chosen to be part of the Music in Schools Program over the next two-years. Madame Baque and Madame Breimeyer will work with expert music teachers to improve our teaching and learning of music at our school. We will have coaches come out to the school and work within classrooms and there will also be professional development that our staff will attend.

Numeracy - Peter Sullivan

We are continuing to work with Peter Sullivan around his approach to teaching mathematics. He worked with our staff on our first curriculum day to see what simple maths games can be used as quick assessment. He will also be coming out to our school to work in the classroom by modelling lessons and providing feedback over the year.

Literacy - Victorian Young Writers Program

We have been accepted to participate in the Victorian Young Writers Program in May this year.  This exciting program includes:

  • Free writing workshops with children's authors to support high-ability students at your school

  • Ongoing support for both teachers and students post-workshop

  • Carefully curated book pack of high-quality texts for our school library.

Extension – Literacy and Numeracy

Throughout the year, a selected team of teachers will be working with a range of students to provide extension lessons. Students will be chosen based on our schools’ data.

French Enrichment Program

In this program, the students learn the Victorian Curriculum, which is enhanced with a lesson in French every day.  At CJC, we have a passion for multilingual learning.

Online Library


Why ‘One to One Personal Device Program’?

● Promotes 21st century skills/best practice for all students grades 3 to 6, allowing for a greater level of connection and understanding of the world.

● Enhanced IT curriculum content - STEM, Inquiry, Literacy, Numeracy, Arts.

● Consistent device performance for all students.

● Endorsed by School Council.

Click here to find out more about BYODD for 2023


ebiblio cjc.PNG

Caulfield Junior College e-library

ebiblio AF.PNG

Bibliothèque en ligne de l'Alliance Française


Our school provides a variety of co-curricular activities that enhance the academic, social and emotional, musical and sporting opportunities for your child.


Please click here to view our extracurricular activities

Please click here to find out about before and after care and holiday program


Co-curricular Activities
Student Wellbeing

The wellbeing of our students is paramount to us. Our students are supported in a variety of ways, both socially and emotionally under the leadership of our Student Wellbeing Coordinator, Shauna Sanderson.


These areas of support include:

  • Our Student Wellbeing Team, who collaborate to ensure the wellbeing of our students is always our primary focus. 

  • Our LADIT (Let’s All Do It Together) Program runs in all classes at the beginning of the year, with the purpose of building a sense of community within and between classes.

  • A Restorative Practices approach is used across the school to help students build empathy and understanding of and for each other. 


The school can also engage external experts to support your child if required, including having access to:

  • Psychological and Speech Therapy services via the DET.

  • Counselling through Oz Child Family Services.




Teaching our children a second language from a young age is a gift that will allow them to flourish throughout their lives. One of our bilingual specialist teachers, Vincent Berraud, has written an article that aims at helping parents raise bilingual children, by offering tips and ideas that can be practiced at home.

To read the article in English click here

Permettre à nos enfants d’apprendre une deuxième langue dès un jeune âge est un cadeau qui les aidera à s’épanouir tout au long de leur vie.  L’un de nos professeurs spécialistes en bilinguisme, Vincent Berraud, a écrit un article qui vise à donner des trucs et conseils à pratiquer pour aider les familles à promouvoir le bilinguisme à la maison.

Pour lire l’article en français cliquez ici


Our students are elected by their peers to fulfil leadership positions across the school. The key work of our student leaders is to enhance the environment in which their peers learn and play in. We are incredibly proud of the young leaders in our school and are committed to building their skills as leaders of the future. 

Congratulations to our 2023 student leaders, the team is as follows:


School Captains

  • Lola Merrifield 5/6A

  • Leonardo Rozen 5/6A

  • Tom Breimeyer 6E

  • Holly Chandran 6F

Environmental Leaders

  • Sylvie Thompson 6F

  • Oscar Bisson-Gaskell 6F

STEM Leaders

  • Felix Hessel 6E

  • Léon Gautier 6F


The Arts Captains

  • Kaitlin Karakousis 5/6B

  • Taylor Adams 5/6A


Library Leaders

  • Jules Alderuccio 6E

  • Celine Wetzels 6F

Garak Captains (Green)

  • Raphael Vinsonneau 56B

  • Claudia Sorensen 6F

Waratah Captains (Red)

  • Mika Levy 5/6A

  • Thomas Jeunet 6E

Acacia Campains (Yellow)

  • Amos Faigenbaum 5/6A

  • Juliette Anne 6E


Banksia Captains (Blue)

  • Jordana Weintrob 5/6A

  • Maddison Adams 5/6B

CJC new house colours.png
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