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The Agency for French Education Abroad, or Agency for French Teaching Abroad, (AEFE) is a government institution supervised by the French Ministy of Foreign Affairs.  Founded in 1990, it is responsible for monitoring and managing the network of French school abroad.  The AEFE is the guarantor of the French education system abroad.  It plays a key role in expanding France's cultural and linguistic influence throughout the world and serves to boost the appeal of French higher education.  This unique network joins together 535 schools in 139 countries.

We invite you to watch the AEFE presentation video


Presentation video

AEFE Message de la rentrée 2021.JPG

On the occasion of the start of the school year 2020, the first ever in a context of a global pandemic, Mr. Olivier Brochet, director of the AEFE, addresses the school communities of the French education network AEFE and expresses a message of hope: “be assured of my determination and my commitment, with the AEFE teams by your side, to work towards making this year a good school year, successful despite the circumstances that we will have to manage. “

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